💡Our Philosophy

Building the Future of Blockchain

Vanar is a new kind of L1 blockchain solution designed for mass market adoption.

Incorporating 5 years of experience with top brands, we've developer a one-stop solution to eliminate the key barriers to technology adoption. Our EVM chain streamlines the developer experience and focuses on removing obstacles to adoption.

Vanar has 5 Key Pillars in its design DNA, focused on the mainstream and scale:-

  • High Speed

  • Built for scale

  • App Ecosystem

  • Eco friendly

  • Low cost

High Speed

We believe that blockchain technology should be super fast, enabling near-instant transaction confirmations. To achieve this, we've customized the core Ethereum code to ensure that a new block is mined every 3 seconds. We understand that real-time transaction processing is vital for applications that require speed and efficiency.

Built for scale

High speed, low fees, google undersea cable latency from infrastructure to optimizing how fees work we've worked on optimizing Vanar to begin the journey of mainstream adoption.

App Ecosystem

For a blockchain to grow, Vanar targets developers and encourages growth while at the same time ensuring the right dapps for relevant use cases are developed. We encourage this and are actively researching and providing grants for applications we believe will maximize Vanar's growth.

The Vanar ecosystem is supported at a national level, across incubation centers and universities in multiple countries in Asia and Africa.

Eco friendly

Vanar is working with Google to innovate in green technology use across its entire chain infrastructure:

  • Consensus mechanism optimized for energy efficiency

  • Nodes powered by Google's renewable energy data centers

  • High speed under the sea network

  • Carbon footprint tracking and offsets

  • 100% recycled energy

Low Cost

Price fixed to 1/20th of a cent per transaction, with cost tiers for larger transactions. Zero-cost option for companies and brands via account abstraction advances.