🪙$VANRY Token

A Cornerstone in VANAR's Blockchain Ecosystem for Developers and Web 3 Enthusiasts


In the heart of VANAR's blockchain ecosystem lies the native $VANRY token, a digital asset of versatility and indispensability. It's more than just a token; it's key in ensuring the platform's functionality and efficiency.

Utilities and Advantages

  • Essential for Transaction Fees: The $VANRY token is used to cover gas fees, facilitating smooth transactions and smart contract operations on the VANAR blockchain.

  • Staking Opportunities: Token holders can stake $VANRY. This staking mechanism provides necessary incentive to help ensure crucial role of network security.

  • Validator Nomination Rights: $VANRY stakers can vote to elect network validators, contributing to the ecosystem's security and integrity.

  • Rewards for Validator Support: By supporting validators through staking, token holders can earn a share of the block rewards, reinforcing their active role in the network's governance.

  • Block Rewards: Validators are rewarded with $VANRY to help secure the network.

  • App Ecosystem: $VANRY forms an integral role in our apps

Beyond Transactional Value

The $VANRY token is integral not just as a means of transaction but as a tool for community involvement, network security, and democratic decision-making within the Vanar ecosystem. It embodies utility, governance, and active participation.

Future Prospects

As Vanar evolves, the $VANRY token's role will be increasingly vital in maintaining the platform's effectiveness, security, and commitment to mass adoption and user empowerment. It's not just a token; it's a gateway to shaping the future of the Vanar platform and its community.

Native Token

More information on this will be released closer to mainnet.

ERC20 Token

An ERC20 token was deployed to Ethereum and Polygon networks. This token acts as a wrapped version of $VANRY on key existing ecosystems to help support dApp interoperability between chains. There will be a bridge that'll enable users of Native Token to bridge to supported chain and vice versa.

Ethereum Address:


Explorer Link:


Polygon Address:


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Where to buy?

Decentralized Exchanges

Uniswap Pool:


Centralized Exchanges

Confirmed major exchanges that currently support $VANRY token:

  • Binance

  • Bybit

  • Crypto.com

  • Kucoin

  • Paribu

  • Gate

  • MEXC

  • Bitget

  • Ascendex

Keep an eye out for new exchanges in the future.

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