Deploy a Token Contract - ERC20 (Thirdweb)

Using Thirdweb's deployment dashboard anyone can deploy their own tokens easily. This guide will walk you through how to deploy your very own token for your own projects and/or for learning purposes.

  1. Ensure you have test $VANRY/$VG token in the wallet you will use to deploy token contract by going to

  2. Connect wallet & Sign in.

  3. Hit Deploy Button.

  4. Fill in Image, Name, Symbol & Description for you ERC20 Token.

  5. Set the destination wallet for the newly minted tokens to go to.

  1. Select Vanguard as deployment network.

  1. Hit deploy button and you'll get the following.

  1. Complete the second transaction and signing.

  2. You will be redirected to your tokens dashboard with some additional steps.


  1. Check out third web and the different options you have for your token.

    1. Try minting your first tokens.

    2. Look at how you can start building your own app around your token.

    3. Mint tokens, and create a liquidity pool on a DEX.

    4. Send some tokens to your friends or another wallet.

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