Transaction Ordering

First In First Out Model

Vanar's approach to transaction fees adopts a fixed fee model, ensuring that transactions are processed on a straightforward "first come, first serve" basis. This deliberate choice aligns with our commitment to providing a level playing field for all participants, regardless of the size or scale of their projects.

The fixed fee model is designed to promote fairness and inclusivity within the Vanar ecosystem. By adhering to a first-come, first-served processing mechanism, every participant, whether a small-scale project or a larger initiative, is afforded an equal opportunity to have their transactions included in the blockchain.

To implement this approach, the protocol is structured to ensure that the validator responsible for sealing a block follows the chronological order of transactions as they are received in the transactions mempool. This means that transactions are processed in the sequence in which they enter the system, enhancing transparency and equitable access to the blockchain's processing capabilities.

In essence, Vanar's commitment to a fixed fee model and a first-come, first-served processing order underscores our dedication to fairness, openness, and providing an accessible platform for projects of all sizes within the blockchain ecosystem.

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