Block Time

To achieve fast transaction speed

The significant hurdle faced by contemporary blockchains lies in their inherent slowness, posing a considerable challenge when aiming to create seamless user experiences. The demand for responsive and interactive platforms is increasingly crucial, as users expect swift responses to their actions. Building applications on a slow blockchain can lead to delays in transaction confirmations and hinder the overall responsiveness of the user interface.

Recognizing the paramount importance of speed in shaping user experiences, Vanar addresses this challenge head-on. Our blockchain is engineered to deliver exceptional speed, boasting block time that is capped at a maximum of 3 seconds. This impressive turnaround time ensures that transactions are confirmed swiftly, facilitating near-instantaneous interactions and responses to user actions.

Vanar's commitment to high-speed block finality is driven by the understanding that rapid transaction processing is fundamental to fostering a user-friendly environment. By drastically reducing the time it takes for transactions to be finalized, Vanar sets the stage for applications and projects to offer users a level of interactivity and responsiveness that is crucial for delivering an optimal and engaging experience. In essence, Vanar's emphasis on super-fast block time finality is a strategic response to the challenge of sluggish blockchains, ensuring that user experiences on the platform are not only efficient but also seamlessly responsive.

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