🚀Fixed Fees

Vanar Chain's operational framework is based on a fixed transaction fee model, ensuring stability and predictability for users, protocols, and projects. This model facilitates a dependable environment, crucial for handling the dynamic fluctuations in token prices and network demand common in the blockchain landscape.

Key advantages of this approach include:

  1. Equitable Playground: Unlike systems like Ethereum's priority fee structure, Vanar's First-In-First-Out model ensures fair and sequential transaction processing for all users.

  2. Cost Projection: Fixed fees allow for precise budgeting and planning for projects and end-users, fostering transparency and trust in the ecosystem.

  3. Informed Decision-Making: This model aids projects in strategic planning, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing scalability and user experience.

  4. Operational Cost Quantification: Businesses can accurately analyze and manage financial commitments, improving budget optimization and operational efficiency.

  5. Consistent Performance During Peak Times: Vanar's scalable infrastructure ensures stable fixed fee transactions, even during high network demand, offering a reliable platform for continuous operation.

By adopting this model, Vanar positions itself as a sustainable, fair, and predictable blockchain ecosystem, attractive to a diverse range of projects.

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