Consensus Mechanism

Proof of Authority governed by Proof of Reputation

Vanar is poised to employ a hybrid consensus mechanism, primarily relying on Proof of Authority (PoA), complemented by a Proof of Reputation (PoR) mechanism to enhance network security. Initially, the Vanar Foundation will take on the responsibility of running all validator nodes. The Vanar foundation will onboard external participants to join the ecosystem as validators through a PoR mechanism.

The Proof of Reputation system serves as a robust means of onboarding new members into the Vanar ecosystem. Corporates seeking to become validators can participate based on their reputation in Web2 and Web3. This reputation is evaluated by the Vanar Foundation with the objective of ensuring validator nodes are run by known and trusted entities.

By implementing a PoR mechanism Vanar promotes a reliable and sustainable ecosystem. Validators will represent stakeholders with proven reputations, thereby enhancing the overall resilience and trustworthiness of the Vanar blockchain. This thoughtful integration of consensus mechanisms not only reinforces the security of the network but also sets the stage for long-term sustainability and community-driven governance.

The Vanar community will require to stake the VANRY tokens into a staking contract that will give them the right to vote along with other staking benefits

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