Gas Price API

Vanar has a public API that gives the gas price details in terms of $VANRY token for all the tiers at any given moment. This API allows you to identify the required amount of $VANRY gas token to pay as transaction fees for any given transaction based on the size of the transaction in terms of gas. Below is a copy of the API response for reference.

Here you can see that any transaction with less than 12,000,000 gas will require only small amount of gas token that is equivalent to $0.0005 in terms of USD value. This range covers the vast majority of transaction types including token transfers, minting NFTs, staking tokens, token swaps and even contract deployments.

    "success": true,
    "data": [
            "tier": 1,
            "gas_range_gwei": "0-12000000",
            "tx_fee": 0.002490894602887474,
            "usd_value": 0.0005
            "tier": 2,
            "gas_range_gwei": "12000001-15000000",
            "tx_fee": 7.472683808662421,
            "usd_value": 1.5059
            "tier": 3,
            "gas_range_gwei": "15000001-20000000",
            "tx_fee": 14.945367617324843,
            "usd_value": 3.0119
            "tier": 4,
            "gas_range_gwei": "20000001-25000000",
            "tx_fee": 37.363419043312106,
            "usd_value": 7.5296
            "tier": 5,
            "gas_range_gwei": "25000001-30000000",
            "tx_fee": 74.72683808662421,
            "usd_value": 15.0593

API Endpoint

Details about this public API will be made available very soon.

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