Vanar Architecture

Built on top of Ethereum - Elevating Ethereum's Foundation

Vanar's architectural strength lies in its strategic alignment with the robust Ethereum infrastructure. Leveraging the well-established and secure Ethereum codebase, Vanar carefully infuses tailor-made customizations to actualize its core objectives. These objectives pivot around three pivotal pillars: speed, affordability, and the pivotal drive for widespread adoption.

The Cornerstones of Vanar's Infrastructure

At the heart of Vanar's architecture lies the GETH implementation, serving as the bedrock of its execution layer. This powerful foundation is seamlessly complemented by a unique hybrid consensus mechanism, the Proof of Authority (PoA) that is governed by Proof of Reputation (PoR). This dynamic mechanism paves the way for the addition of new node validators through an inclusive validator election process. The synergy between these components creates a resilient and high-performing ecosystem that can accommodate a diverse range of applications.

The Art of Precision

Each customization applied to the GETH codebase is a testament to Vanar's commitment to perfection. The modifications are executed with meticulous precision, and their implementation is subjected to a rigorous audit process. This uncompromising approach ensures that every change not only aligns seamlessly with Vanar's objectives but also upholds compatibility with the broader blockchain ecosystem. Vanar's architecture embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence, aiming to set new standards in the blockchain landscape.

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