Block Rewards

Validator rewards to secure the network

The $VANRY token is meticulously designed with a maximum supply capped at 2.4 billion tokens, establishing a clear and finite limit to its availability. Notably, the token issuance mechanism is structured to ensure that, aside from the initial supply minted as genesis, all additional tokens will be generated as block rewards.

To maintain transparency and predictability in token issuance, a predefined rate has been established. This rate dictates the pace at which the remaining $VANRY tokens will be minted, with each new block produced over a span of 20 years contributing to this incremental issuance. This extended timeframe not only allows for a controlled and gradual release of tokens but also introduces a measured and sustainable approach to token distribution over an extended period.

The allocation of tokens as block rewards serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it incentivizes network participants, such as validators by rewarding them with newly minted tokens for their contributions to the network's security and functionality. Secondly, this gradual issuance mechanism helps prevent abrupt fluctuations in token supply, fostering a stable and well-balanced ecosystem.

VANRY token inflation is set at an average rate of 3.5% over 20 years. It should be noted this is an average, with the release of tokens in Y1 and Y2 being higher to accomodate the developer ecosystem, airdop and preminting of some Y1 staking rewards.

By structuring $VANRY's tokenomics in this manner, we aim to promote long-term sustainability. The carefully planned issuance schedule aligns with the project's vision for stability, fairness, and the creation of a robust economic foundation for the $VANRY token within the blockchain ecosystem.

Validators who participate in the production of the blocks to validate the transactions earn $VANRY as block rewards.

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