Deploy an NFT Contract - ERC721 (Thirdweb)

Using Thirdweb's deployment dashboard anyone can deploy their own NFT contracts easily. This guide will walk you through how to deploy your very own NFT Contract for your own projects and/or for learning purposes.

  1. Ensure you have test $VANRY/$VG token in the wallet you will use to deploy NFTcontract by going to

  2. Connect wallet & Sign in.

  3. Hit Deploy Button.

  4. Fill in image, name, symbol & description for your ERC721 NFT Contract, Define Royalties, royalties recipient address and primary sale address.

  1. Select Vanguard as deployment network.

  1. Hit the deploy button and sign the 2 transactions

  1. You'll be redirected to third web dashboard with more actions for you to do.


  1. Check out third web and the different options you have for your NFTs.

    1. Upload your first NFTs

    2. Set claim NFTs conditions

    3. Mint your first NFT

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