⁉️Why L1?

Building a new EVM compatible layer 1 chain vs. using rollups or other scaling solutions: The Vanar Approach

The decision to create a new EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, as opposed to relying on Layer 2 solutions like rollups, is a strategic choice that aligns with Vanar's specific objectives and the unique challenges it aims to address. Here are some key reasons behind this decision:


While Layer 2 rollup solutions offer significant scalability and cost advantages over the base layer, they may not always provide the extreme cost-effectiveness required for certain applications. Vanar aims to serve use cases such as gaming and microtransactions, where extremely low transaction costs are paramount. Layer 2 solutions may still involve transaction fees, which, while lower than Layer 1 fees, can be prohibitive for these applications.

User Experience

Vanar's focus on mass adoption includes users who may not be willing to pay any transaction fees. For applications like games and microtransactions, a seamless and feeless experience is essential to attract and retain users. Layer 2 solutions, while improving scalability, may not completely eliminate transaction fees.


Vanar prioritizes speed and transaction throughput. While Layer 2 solutions can significantly increase the number of transactions per 2 seconds, Vanar's custom Layer 1 solution can be tailored for even greater transaction speeds, which is crucial for real-time applications and microtransactions.


By building its own Layer 1 chain, Vanar gains full control over the network's features, governance, and security. This level of autonomy is essential to meet its objectives effectively and customize the platform to cater specifically to its target use cases.


A new Layer 1 blockchain can be designed with user-friendly onboarding processes and lower entry barriers, ensuring that billions of users can access the Vanar ecosystem seamlessly. This accessibility can be more challenging to achieve within existing Layer 2 solutions, which may still rely on the base Ethereum layer for security and transactions.

In essence, Vanar's decision to create its own Layer 1 blockchain is rooted in the need to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly, and highly scalable solution tailored to specific use cases, such as gaming and microtransactions. While Layer 2 solutions like rollups offer significant benefits, they may not always align perfectly with the ultra-low-cost and high-speed requirements of VANAR's chosen applications. By building a customized Layer 1 solution, VANAR can optimize its platform to meet these unique needs and foster mass adoption.

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