Connect Wallet to Vanar Chain

Blockchain wallets enable you to have an account on Vanar chain. They allow you to manage your own assets and perform blockchain actions via the use of keys which only you have access to.

Supported Wallets

Currently, any EVM-based wallet that allows you to configure Vanar chain as a custom RPC network.

Compatible wallets:

  • Metamask

  • Coinbase

  • Brave

  • Walletconnect

Account Abstracted Wallets

Project may choose to employ ERC-4337account abstraction EIP. Which allows projects to deploy a wallet on the users behalf and abstracting away the private keys and pass phrases from the users. This allows access to wallets using traditional authentication like social sign-on or username/email and password, removing friction associated with Web3 dApps. The follow projects are supporting Vanar chain to provide such services for users and projects to make web 3 on-boarding as simple as possible:

  • Brillion

  • Thirdweb

More partners are coming soon.

Add Vanguard Testnet to wallet

Easy wallet set-up (Vanguard)

The fastest way to connect your wallet to our network is to visit our block explorer and click the add network button. This assumes you have a wallet already installed and set-up.

  1. Click Add Vanguard button at the bottom of the page.

This will open a dialogue with your default browser wallet plugin to add the Vanguard Testnet network to your wallet.

Adding wallets with RPC settings in Metamask (Vanguard)

  1. Ensure you go to website and install the Metamask wallet plugin to your browser.

  2. Create your wallet in Metamask if you have not already.

  3. Once created follow the above steps to Add Vanguard Testnet to your wallet.

  4. Manually adding Vanar chain network following these steps:-

    1. Go to Metamask settings.

    2. Go to networks and click Add network.

    3. Click Add a network manually.

    4. Enter the following value details in the field provided:-


Network Name

Vanguard Testnet


Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer URL (Optional)

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